Tuesday, December 16, 2003


Letting go of catchphrases

Canadian author and writing instructor Crawford Kilian urges web and blog writers to avoid 'buzzwords' (oops, just used one!).

"And while I don't expect uniformly brilliant and original writing on blogs and other sites, I would be a happy inquisitor if people would only avoid some unfortunate words and phrases. If you go to Buzzwords, you'll find a highly therapeutic array of terms to avoid."

I would add to this what I call the 'clutch of the catchphrase'. Number one on my most despised catchphrase list is the "how cool is [item du jour]/that?". Dear writer: avoid at all costs.

The key to avoiding such desperate measures as the buzzword or catchphrase is creativity and intelligence in writing. Kilian's Crofsblogs offers a wealth of resources and wisdom for people who wish to express themselves with originality and style.

link: Buzzwords to avoid
- found at crofsblogs


Donating online

Amnesty - Crisis in Iraq

Women's Commission For Refugee Women and Children


Fair Trade

Charity Village

The Hunger Site

World Computer Exchange

Doctors Without Borders

Stop buying, start giving

Got an old computer? Monitor? keyboards?

Clothes that don't fit? Blankets? Household items?

Non-perishable food or plastic containers?

There are a lot of people out there who could use any of the above. If you're not sure where to send them find out if there are any local organisations in your neighbourhood. Your grocery store probably has a donation box too - just pick up a few extra items and drop them in the box.

Still shopping for the holidays? Hate consumerism?

Instead of buying your relatives and friends more junk they probably don't need, make a donation to the cause of your choice in their name.